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Making the most of your garden for your children

We all know how family life can sometimes get a little... hectic! Almost every night of the week will see a whirlwind of kids getting home from school, parents getting home from work, trying to cook a family meal and get everyone to sit and eat before various after school clubs, going to the gym, packing bags for the morning and organising bedtimes!

Even if you're exceptionally organised, it can sometimes feel like the evenings are a bit of a rush, with all of the comings and goings. For adults, it can be a little distracting, but have you ever considered how this can have an effect on your children? With the noise of the television, a stereo in the other room and the sounds and smells of cooking, it can be difficult for young minds to concentrate.

Have you ever thought about using the extra space in your garden to create a children's study? Although the word 'study' may bring forward images of wingback chairs and leather-bound books, the benefit to the kids' education could be phenomenal and depending on the age of your children, it could be extremely valuable!

There's a clear benefit to the whole family of providing a children's study or library. Thousands of homes up and down the country have children and teenagers sitting at coffee tables and dining tables with open exercise books every evening; providing a dedicated room where they can work without preventing other members of the family from using these spaces to relax or eat could be a real bonus to a more relaxed evening. Although many children do their homework in their room, a study would neatly sidestep the usual distractions of the home, such as televisions, game consoles and stereos, providing a quiet place to focus.

It's also a very common occurrence that each child in a family enjoys different things, going to different afterschool clubs on different nights of the week. Getting one child to concentrate on their homework while another is packing up musical instruments and sports equipment and leaving the house can be quite difficult.

By using the extra space in your garden to create a children's library or study, you can have a reading room where the brain is trained to focus and concentrate. It can grow and change as your children do, going from a learning library to homework room to exam study space. All Garden Spaces rooms are designed to fit the garden you have, meaning that they even fit perfectly into non-square or odd gardens, and they can be fitted with power, lights and even Wi-Fi!

Homework and study times provide vital extra learning opportunities for young people, allowing them to excel in subjects and gain better grades. A study not only prepares their minds for learning, but can take some of the hubbub out of the family evening by giving them a quiet place to focus.

Date: 21/02/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges