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Making the most of a small space

If you're lucky enough to have a garden room, you'll know how valuable an addition it can be to family life. Having a small space that can act as everything from a family cinema room to a home studio to guest accommodation can really give your family some valuable extra room. The question is what can you do to make the most of the space you have?

Garden rooms are, generally speaking, compact and self-contained spaces, which means unless you're careful, they can be left either full or looking cluttered. There are a number of things you can do, however, to make sure that your garden room always looks at its best.

Firstly, it's worth noting that anything that draws the eyes upwards can make a space feel larger. Using patterned wallpaper on the ceiling is one way to achieve this, as it gives the eye something to focus on. Placing shelves above eye level is also a good tactic, as these items are usually lower on walls, so it gives the illusion that it's roomier.

The old advice of using light colours to bounce light around is always applicable in a small space, but you can use mirrors to achieve the same effect. Having mirrors that face each other at particular angles can make it seem that the room goes on further. To allow as much light in as possible, avoid using heavy or thick curtains at windows, opt for lighter materials that don't crowd the window frames.

In terms of furniture, create central spaces and keep items around the outside of the room. Having a single, flowing central space as opposed to a number of smaller areas can help to create the feeling of open space. The clever use of stripes in rugs, carpets or even furniture patterns can give the idea of an elongated, running space. For large furniture items, like sofas and chairs, use designs that have legs as opposed to sitting flat on the floor. Having room underneath large items makes them appear less bulky and therefore less imposing.

You can also give the greatest illusion of space by having clever storage solutions. Keeping surfaces and areas free of clutter is a great way to stop it feeling crowded or small, so any items that are kept in your garden room need a place to live. Hidden and disguised storage can be invaluable in reducing clutter. Many designers also follow the rule that if you're dealing with a compact space, don't have items smaller than a cantaloupe melon. Small items can make a room feel crowded, but by using larger, statement pieces, it can appear cleaner. One such way is with wall decorations; pieces that decorate an entire wall can make a space feel expansive and wide, rather than breaking it up.

Garden Spaces garden rooms are designed to work with, rather than against your garden, but there are still a number of things that you can do in order to take the valuable extra space for your family and make it feel a lot more luxurious and plentiful.

Date: 05/08/2016 | Author: Roger Hedges