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Making a success of working from home

Recent figures from the Trades Union Congress show that the UK has over 4.2 million people who are "remote workers" - or put simply, that work from home. For those tied to a desk, it's long been a dream to work from home, but why do it and how do you go about making it a success?

There are a number of immediate and very obvious benefits to working from home. The lack of a commute means that those with children really appreciate the extra time in the mornings to be able to ready the family for the day, making breakfast and sending children off to school before still being able to begin work before the office hours begin. There's also a benefit for employers here, as without the time stuck in traffic, many employees begin work earlier and finish later, using their usual time in traffic as a way to 'do a little extra'.

There are also, theoretically, fewer distractions, without the normal chit-chat that happens across the desks or the large number of 'coffee runs' that happen during the course of a normal office day.

The question is, however, how do you go about requesting a work-from-home role? Firstly, once you've held your job for 26 weeks, you're entitled to request 'flexible' working from your employer, which includes a change of place of work. The main thing you'll need to do is to consider the request from your boss' point of view. It will be far more likely to be approved if the benefit to the employer is significant.

This is where the garden room comes into play. It's improbable that your management will relish the prospect of its employees working off the family sofa. It may not even seem enough if you have a spare box bedroom that can be turned into an office, as they tend to be a basic desk and chair and not really suitable for professional use. Instead, having your own dedicated office space by using some of the extra room in your garden creates a much better proposition and is of huge benefit to both sides.

Garden Spaces garden offices are bespoke designs that utilise your garden to its maximum potential, creating a thermally efficient space that can make the most of all available daylight without losing otherwise desirable garden space. Having this in your garden and separate from the main body of the house proves a dedication to your employer and allays fears of household distractions taking employees away from their duties. It also helps to enforce a sense of discipline for those working from home, making sure that the work-life balance doesn't get interrupted. By having a dedicated space outside the home, it prevents work-bleed, whereby you end up sending emails or trying to complete tasks late into the evening.

The ability to work from home is a potential benefit to both employee and employer in terms of time management, efficiency, work-life balance and even professional mindset; the Garden Spaces garden office is the best way to ensure that these benefits become prominent and obvious to all.

Date: 19/11/2016 | Author: Roger Hedges