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It's all in the craft – using your Garden Space as a craft business

The world of business and retail has changed beyond all recognition since the invention of the Internet; it's now possible to not only order a new television, buy car insurance or even pay the mortgage online, but you can also find any number of handmade treasures for your home.

For the sellers, the Internet has freed them from the shackles of markets, fayres and vintage fetes where a small section of the public would browse and hopefully purchase one of the items you had space to bring with you. Now these items are available to everyone with a web connection which has moved craft items into the mainstream.

The “Etsy Revolution” is now so far in full swing that not only does it allow people to have a full time career making singular handmade items, but it gives anyone with a skill or a passion the chance to make extra income from their talents, even if they have another main job or career.

One of the first concerns about having things to sell is space. If you're going to be running a small business from the main body of your house, you'll inevitably find that the home starts to become a little cluttered. Firstly, materials are needed, then the workspace and finally the stockpiles of items ready to sell will mean that space very quickly becomes a problem. If the items you're crafting a slightly larger, or even small pieces of ornamental furniture, it's very likely that some storage space will be required, but rental costs can be very expensive, especially as if items are being crafted in spare time or around other work, it can take a little time to build up stock levels.

One solution which could solve all potential problems is to use the extra space in your garden. By installing a Garden Spaces structure, you'll have a bespoke building that's designed specifically around the space you have available so that it's a perfect fit. It's not only well built and well insulated to be usable all year round, it'll solve any space issues as it can provide storage for all materials needed, equipment used in the making process and any finished products that are awaiting sale or photography for the website. The garden structure can also, if needed, have connections to all utilities meaning that the space can be completely separate from the main structure of the house and be a centre for the small business.

The sale of handmade items has taken off immeasurably in the last few years; hobbies and small crafts aren't merely for the arty and those with a skill are no longer destined to have homes full of quirky pieces. Likewise, everyone can have unique, one-off items from a range of people, and the demand for them is rising and by investing in a unique garden space in which to create such items, you could find that it allows a hobby to become a viable second income and a valuable business.

Date: 19/05/2015 | Author: Roger Hedges