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Is the solution to overcrowding in your garden?

For most people, one of the joys of owning your own place for the first time is being able to entertain and host in a place of your own. Being able to invite family down for the weekend or giving friends somewhere to stay over after you decide to open another bottle makes it feel like entertaining done properly! One thing that tends to happen is that as families grow, it becomes less easy - and in some cases downright inconvenient - to have friends and family to stay.

It's very easy to see how it happens, in a starter home, the 'spare room' tends to become the nursery after a few years. Even when you move to your second, larger home, the third room is used as any number of things for the family, whether it's the second child's bedroom, a home office or much needed storage space - just about anything but a guest bedroom.

It's not usually a big problem, but becomes quite acute at certain times of the year, such as big celebrations like Christmas or family weddings. It's not ideal to simply add another couple of people into the family home and putting an extra strain on the cooking, cleaning and bathroom facilities, which is why tempers can often start to fray and it seems less appealing to have family and friends to stay.

There could well be another option, however! Creating a compact, comfortable and self-contained living space in the garden, complete with heat, power, a kitchenette and bathroom facilities could not only solve the overcrowding issue but make their stay a lot more comfortable. Allowing guests their own space without having to worry about the kids making too much noise early in the morning or having to queue for the shower eases a lot of the worry and tensions associated with house guests.

Garden Spaces rooms are all designed to fit your garden perfectly, making use of all the available space, even if it includes odd angles or non-square corners! Constructed using Structural Insulated Panels, they're not only thermally efficient and usable year-round, but they're also quicker to build and more environmentally friendly than some other building materials and methods!

You can include a range of options, such as sliding doors to flood the space with light, luxury flooring, exterior decking and temperature controlled heating/cooling, making your guests feel very special indeed! You can also relay satellite television and wi-fi into your garden room, giving it the most modern of mod cons!

What you may find is that once you remove the 'inconvenience' of having house guests, it could re-ignite your love of entertaining. A garden room that makes it easy to have the family over not only removes the tensions of having guests, but once it becomes easier for the kids to see grandparents, aunties and uncles or even second cousins, your family bond could be even stronger as a result!

Date: 08/06/2018 | Author: Roger Hedges