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Is Multigenerational Living The Future Of The UK?

At one point in the UK, it was generally accepted that young people would leave their family home when it came time to get married and then, years later, once they'd had children of their own, they'd invite one or even both of their parents to live back with them in what was at one time called their dotage.

Lifestyles, however, have radically changed since then. It became much more common for young people to move away for University or to get a better job in the city. This thereby reduced the likelihood that they'd be living nearby to assist them in later years and has since become the norm. In the intervening years, the squeeze on space in cities and growing towns have made houses ever smaller, making it less likely to fit a large family under one roof.

Should we consider bringing back multigenerational living, however? There are lots of situations that make it highly advantageous; grandparents on hand can allow both parents to work without large childcare costs and it's cheaper to run a single household over two smaller ones. The major factor that would turn most people off is the amount of space available in the home; it's little niggles like morning queues for the bathroom or too many people in the kitchen that can start to cause family friction.

The idea of keeping independence and space to retain harmonious living could easily be solved with a self-contained living space in the garden. Historically speaking, the 'granny annex' was a small wing of the house that acted like an apartment, allowing grandparents to be close to the family but without compromising personal space. Garden Spaces have a range of granny annex rooms, complete with a bathroom, kitchenette, bedroom and living space in a compact and beautifully designed home.

By using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), it's possible to create a thermally and energy efficient space that is comfortable all year round and cheap to maintain. Special features such as underfloor heating, outdoor decked areas and even green roofs can be added, as well as connections to all services such as power and wi-fi. Because Garden Spaces are designed around the garden that you have available, you receive a bespoke design that fits your garden perfectly, making use of all the space available, such as stepped or non-square corners to maximise the living space.

By using modern techniques, building times are much shorter than for other methods and Garden Spaces are experts in dealing with local planning applications and buildings regulations that are required for all living spaces.

Most families would love to have more support, closer grandparents and to be able to share and create family memories without a long car journey to Grandma's, but ideas of personal space and independence must be respected. Many families don't have the ability to buy a house over several floors with sufficient bedrooms or the opportunity to buy the house next door - and the Garden Spaces Granny Annex could well be the very thing to bring families closer.

Date: 07/02/2018 | Author: Roger Hedges