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Is It Ever Acceptable To Have Wasted Space?

The trend in the UK is for our homes to be much smaller than those of our international neighbours. In 2016, the average size of a home sold in the UK was 90m2 which is around 10% smaller than the Spanish average and a whopping 155m2 smaller than the average home sold in the USA. Although new build homes are slowly increasing in size, the cost of buying one is growing even more rapidly. Given these figures, is it ever acceptable to think of parts of our home as 'wasted space'?

Although British homes are more compact and we own ever increasing amounts of equipment and knick-knacks, it seems that lots of homes still have their unused corners and bits of wasted space. This may just be how we use our homes, but one area that it makes no sense is in the garden. It's a familiar sight to many a homeowner; a funny shaped corner that houses an unloved rockery or small plot that houses a shed with nothing more than a few chairs and a lawnmower inside.

With our homes under a bit of a squeeze and space becoming ever more premium, using our gardens to their full potential not only makes sense for improving how we live, but also for maximising the value of our homes. Greater amounts of living space mean more desirable homes, therefore more valuable properties.

You may think that making use of garden corners that aren't square is too difficult or that there's nothing useful that can be gained from reworking the area that houses the shed, but it couldn't be further from the truth. A garden room could not only provide valuable extra living space, but with a little clever design may also give the family a multi-purpose, versatile area that still incorporates storage for the lawnmower.

All of Garden Spaces' buildings are designed around your specific garden measurements, rather than being pre-configured sizes and shapes that can't be changed. As they're unique to your garden, you get a building that perfectly fits the space you have available, even if it includes non-square corners or odd measurements. Squeezing as much out of your garden means not allowing even small areas to go to waste and leaving you with as much garden as possible!

Your new garden room can be put to just about any use, as power, water and even Wi-Fi can be installed from the home. With a thermally efficient SIPs structure and any number of heating options, the space is perfect to use all year round and clever storage solutions can be installed to make the most out of every square inch!

There are an amazing number of uses that people have for their garden rooms, from playrooms, teenager dens, home offices and even home gyms, but the important thing is to prevent any area of your home being wasted by remaining unused.

Date: 15/11/2017 | Author: Roger Hedges