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Is a Second Job Really The Way To Go?

Not many people would relish the idea of having a second job; getting up and doing a full day's work, commuting, getting home and then heading right back out a few nights a week to do another job is more than most people could face. Having a full-time career leaves many of us looking for hobbies that exercise our bodies or minds in other ways, as a means of using our talents and finding a way to relax... but what if your hobby was your second job?

Lots of people have talents that aren't used day to day and things that they find fulfilling or relaxing and it's entirely possible to use them as a source of income. Whether you've trained as a masseuse, a hairdresser, make-up artist or are a talented pianist, painter or sculptor, what you love to do could be a way to have a small home business.

This is where the home studio comes in. While doing some extra work from home sounds great, if you have a customer, bringing them into your home isn't always ideal. With family life, kids, homework, cooking meals, family pets and the general comings and goings of every normal family, it can end up feeling a touch unprofessional. By making use of the extra space in your garden and having a dedicated home studio, it solves many problems.

Firstly, not only does it feel more professional, but it makes customers more comfortable as they no longer feel that they're intruding on a home. By removing your customer from the main body of the house while you're teaching or working, it allows both you and the client to focus on the task in hand, whether it's a new haircut, a drawing class or teaching the guitar.

A lack of distractions and interruptions not only increases the feeling of a quality environment, but it adds value to the experience by letting everybody involved concentrate on the task in hand. This can work in your favour; by having not only a dedicated space for your other work and talents, you have displayed dedication to them, which allows you to charge more for the service you provide! Working from your garden room means you can still be competitive, as without having to pay private rents for commercial spaces, overheads can remain low and a second line of work can be very profitable.

If you have a skill or talent that is far enough advanced that other people are willing to pay good money for your time and effort, then customer service immediately comes into play. A home studio not only instantly raises the standard of the service you give, but gives your customer good reason to pay you a professional rate. Importantly, a home studio also adds to the perceived value of your service, making them much more likely to either return or tell their friends!

Date: 24/06/2016 | Author: Roger Hedges