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Investing in your garden, your home and your work life balance

When you tell people that you work from home, there's usually a fairly familiar run of comments and sentiments that follow. Firstly, the person working from home has to try and not sound too happy about being able to work at home; secondly the person receiving the information has to try and not sound too jealous. There's then the usual exchange regarding commuting and crowded motorways or even more crowded trains, the questions about whether you work in a dressing gown and finally about discipline and the distractions of home while you work.

All of these are familiar to homeworkers, but for many, they find that not only does working from home save hours every day for not having to travel, but productivity doesn't suffer by simply having a dedicated home office. Garden Spaces have written before about the benefits of having a garden office, which is able to be set up with all utilities, telephone and even internet access as well as a kitchenette if needed, which means any possible distractions in the house are negated.

The more interesting point of creating a garden office is whether it can actually increase the value of your home. An article, as published in The Telegraph asked that very question. Mentioned in the piece is the rise in number of homeworkers, 63% of home workers are classed as 'professionals' and 15% are managers or senior officials. The fact that the internet has essentially freed office workers from the office means that homes that are set up with dedicated garden offices are instantly more desirable and appealing to a growing number of buyers able to work from home.

Although it may appear to be a slightly 'niche' item, the investment of installing a fully equipped garden office to your homestead means that there's a distinction between your home and others on the market, especially those in your local area, reducing the amount of time that your property is on the market. In addition to this, because internet services such as the Cloud are making it ever easier for people to work from home, the number of people who require a home office is growing faster than the number of garden offices being built, therefore increasing the demand for your home makes it more valuable.

While you currently may need an office at home and have no intention of moving house any time soon, the investment you're making in your home works on many different levels and the returns you see from it are just as numerous. Not only can you expect to see time-saving from a lack of commuting, but also a reduction in stress because of this. Many people expect the home distractions to increase, but having a proper workspace away from the home can increase your productivity and putting your money behind a garden office improves your work-life balance which has any number of positive psychological benefits.

Many peoples' final concern is that the benefits above don't quite outweigh the financial outlay, but as we're seeing great increases in the number of people who will also benefit from having a garden office, the associated increase in desirability for your home could well provide the necessary monetary upsides to make the project worthwhile.

Date: 12/07/2015 | Author: Roger Hedges