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Interior Design – for an external space!

Ever since a certain Mr Llewelyn-Bowen first graced our screens and took DIY away from the purely practical and towards the flamboyant, the UK has really fallen in love with interior design. There are huge numbers of websites, magazines and television programmes all dedicated to making your home an expression of you and your family, constantly updating to show the latest trends.

We've recently seen a great number of articles predicting the 'next big thing' that will spruce up our homes for the next year, but are we also applying the same thoughts to our outdoor spaces? For most families, the garden room is a place they love to spend time; away from the main body of the house and therefore separate from the hubbub of family meals, telephone calls and arguing over the television remote. As a space that is great for the whole family, are we leaving it slightly behind? have listed their hot trends for the home this year, but it's surprising how many of them could well be used for your living space at the end of the garden!

Firstly, with a few carefully chosen pieces, you could create the 'Glamily' room - a space that suits being used by the family, but as it doesn't have to cope with the everyday strains of hectic after-school usage or the family dog, it can be a bit more designed and have a little more flair without being too 'fussy' for everyday life.

Another hot trend for this year is your choice of lighting. While we've known for years that interior designers love to talk about the light in a space, people are now using pretty pendant lighting to make a statement of where the light is coming from. While having a central ceiling light was, at one time, looked down on, it's now a way to accentuate an entire room and bring attention to a usually under-decorated ceiling space.

One thing that may be of interest to those who double up their garden room as a family-space-come-office is the return of the proper desk. Ranging from the Swedish-inspired minimalism of white gloss tops, going through some industrial-inspired glass top with steel supports all the way to the classic dark wood centrepiece, making a feature out of a workspace is very en vogue.

Another way to make your garden space into current chic design is with fabric wall art. Whether it's bold Guatemalan prints or classic Greek-inspired shapes, they have an instant effect of making a place feel warmer - as well as the obvious acoustic absorbing properties. Using fabric wall art in your garden space could make it feel more homely, especially with a few careful lighting choices.

Interior design is usually thought of in terms of a few key areas of the home, such as the living room or the kitchen but it really doesn't have to be that way. Using interior design on your external spaces can make them not only into beautiful living areas that you'll love to spend time, but also highly fashionable and chic rooms that are perfect to showing off to friends.

Date: 09/02/2016 | Author: Roger Hedges