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How Your Creativity Can Be Boosted By A Garden Office 

The need for plenty of fresh air, exercise and interaction with nature has long been recognised in education as essential to children's brain development, but what about adults? Isn't is also true that grown ups can benefit from a little green space too?

Unsurprisingly, the answer is yes.

Whether you're in an artistic role or involved in corporate solutions, the ability to stimulate the creative elements of your thinking process is essential. Homeworkers need an environment that inspires creativity, to break down old thinking patterns and allow new ideas and directions to be generated. This is especially useful when there's a lack of coworkers or colleagues to bounce ideas off.

Here are five ways to use your garden office to boost creativity.

1. Watch the wildlife

Use bird and squirrel feeders to tempt the local wildlife into your back garden, then find an unobtrusive place to sit back and watch them enjoying your hospitality. Studies have shown that contact with nature can help workers recover from mental fatigue, which in turn improves cognitive function, learning and memory.

2. Step Outside

Open the door and take a ramble around your garden. A 2012 study by Dr Angela Leung, of Singapore Management University that the ability to free roam (as opposed to walking in a straight line) in open spaces helps to stimulate creativity.

3. Find Some Inner Peace

Focussing on a natural object is a great way to relax and bring about an feeling of mental stillness. By slowing down and focussing on one natural object, such as the sound of the trees in your garden or concentrating on a favourite plant, you can help to declutter your mind, which will help to improve your mood and allow you to concentrate on solutions to the task at hand. Think of your mind as the web browser, which, when it was too many tabs open will become slow and clunky. The fewer tabs (or in this case, tasks) you have, the smoother it will run and the quicker they'll be completed.

4. Take Regular Breaks

One of the benefits of working from home is that it's much easier to take regular breaks. Make sure you take advantage of this, get some fresh air and you should find that even after a couple of minutes your mood and creativity are much improved.

5. Relax

Creativity is often stifled by uniform, bland spaces. Conversely a laid-back, comfortable working environment can help get the creative juices flowing. Your garden office should be functional with adequate lighting, equipment and furniture you need to perform your duties. It should also be a welcoming reflection of your personality, a space in which you can relax and allow your imagination to run wild. Make sure the interior reflects your personality and encourages creative rather than corporate thinking.

Using a garden room as an office provides an opportunity for you to design a working environment optimised to boost your creativity.

Date: 30/11/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges