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How to Make the Ultimate Entertainment Space

Typically, garden rooms tend to be constructed out of necessity, for use as home offices, hobby spaces or studios for creating music or art. These spaces are to allow activities that would otherwise encroach on the main body of the home and so need their own space. Sometimes, however, they're an indulgence for a home cinema, pool room or hangout space. To pack the biggest amount of relaxation and fun into your small space, follow these top tips.

1. Tame Your Technology

To get the most out of your entertaining space, you'll need a whole host of gadgets. Large TVs, games consoles, lighting and all the speakers and wiring to maximise your music and video experience will have a place friends and family will flock to. However, all this technology can make it difficult to 'switch off' if you ever want to use the space for social activities and conversation, so making sure there are clever storage solutions so that unused technology doesn't distract during quieter activities is desirable.

2. Love The Outdoors Too

The outside of your garden room needs to be just as inviting as the inside space. Friends may wish to take a break outside for a more private chat, breath of fresh air or maybe a cigarette. Make sure the area immediately outside the room is gently lit, with comfy seating and cushions and blankets to hand. Thinking slightly further afield, walk the path your guests will take, either from cars or from your house. Make sure that journey is well kept, well lit and free from tripping hazards so they reach your fun haven safely.

3. Flexible Seating

Tempting though it may be to buy the biggest, deepest most comfortable sofa you can fit the room, this will restrict the way you can use the space. Consider all the different uses you have planned for the room: dinner parties, gaming nights, sports viewing. What seating would work well for these events? A modular sofa unit will enable you to rearrange the seating layout to match the party's needs.

4. Lighting

Plan your lighting system to correspond with the activities you have planned for your garden room. Installing a dimmer is a quick and easy way to add flexibility to the lighting conditions, enabling you to brighten the room during a meal then darken it down to watch a film.

With a little planning and forethought you can transform your garden room from a functional space into an entertainment paradise.

Date: 01/10/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges