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How expensive is a garden room compared to a house with an extra room?

We've long been fans of using extra garden space to give families much needed living areas. Garden areas can be a blank canvas or as specific as you like; everything from a playroom to a home cinema - and it seems the UK agrees with "Improve, Don't Move" becoming a mantra.

The UK housing market has suffered for years with scarcer housing, mortgages more difficult to find and high deposits turning off first-time buyers; the end result is that many people would like to move but may not be able to do so. Figures in one recent article about Chichester shows the scale of the problem, each additional room adds commands a significant premium, potentially pricing buyers out.

The average one bed property in Chichester is around £195,000, which is mostly likely to be a flat. A two bed home, probably either a large apartment or small terrace comes in about 50% more expensive at £290,000 - £95,000 seems a lot to pay for one room!

Most one and two bed properties are bought as starter homes; young people with young or no families who are early on in their careers. The expectation is that as families grow, they'll eventually move to a three bedroomed house - but the premium for this is high, as the average cost is £395,000.

People still hold the rule of 'two-point four children' as true, making normal three bed houses perfectly acceptable - but our lifestyles have changed. Many families have two working parents; one may work from home needing an office, or another child could be on the way, making the existing home unsuitable. Moving up the ladder to a four bed costs an eye-watering £537,500 - and if you need a nursery and a home office, be prepared to add another 20% to that as five bedrooms will set you back £650,000.

Understandably, the jump of several hundred thousand pounds for some extra living space is enough to prevent some families from moving - or at least give them concerns about much higher mortgages, bills and taxes each month.

This is where a Garden Spaces room makes much more sense. Adding over £140,000 to your existing mortgage for the sake of a spare bedroom to use as an office seems crazy when a bespoke, fully insulated and fully powered garden room is available for a fraction of the cost!

Even an extra bedroom with an en-suite comes in at far beneath the potential cost of moving... and if it's being built for an older teenager, a fully self-contained living space with kitchenette and bathroom facilities could easily solve the problem without the expense, hassle or stress of moving.

Nobody enjoys moving house and many only do it when necessary. Depending on the reasons why your family needs to move for more space, it could well be that the premium charged on the British housing market for an extra bedroom is far, far greater than a solution that not only lets you carry on living in the home you love, but could in turn increase the value of that home!

Date: 28/01/2018 | Author: Roger Hedges