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Health and wellbeing at home – or just outside it!

No matter how good anyone's intentions are when taking out a gym membership, it's entirely likely that there will be an extended period when work runs late, or the gym seems too far away or like too much effort and visits to the gym stop. For lots of people, it seems to make much more sense to bring the gym home - for the cost of a few months' gym subscription fees, it's possible to buy a range of exercise equipment to work out at home, from cardio vascular machines to weights to resistance machinery.

Sales of home gym equipment have been steady or rising since they first came onto the market back in the days of spandex and exercise videos. One of the major problems with this equipment, as well as gym memberships in general, is that they're bought with the best of intentions but can quickly find themselves unused.

Most homes aren't blessed with extra rooms that are unused, meaning that exercise equipment is stored in other rooms that have more specific purposes. Many people know somebody with a treadmill stored at the back of the dining room or an exercise bike in a spare room. The problem here is that the surroundings don't lend themselves to focussed training or exercise and will inevitably suffer from the same fate as a gym membership; sometimes it's too much effort and it's hard to maintain a fitness frame of mind.

One solution is to use a garden room as a home gym. Because Garden Spaces rooms are designed specifically for the garden you have, they're not only a great solution to keeping a dedicated space for exercise, but a very popular way of preventing the house from getting over cluttered with bulky fitness equipment.

There is a something else to be done, however. Having a treadmill in the dining room isn't ideal as the space doesn't lend itself to exercise, but putting it in an outside room, while better, isn't the full solution.

If going to the effort of making a bespoke, exterior exercise space, it seems strange to put high end equipment into a blank space - but what about the home wellbeing centre? By designing the layout and the décor of the space to the purpose it serves, it becomes a much more welcoming prospect for keeping up a very healthy lifestyle.

It's possible to use your space with a dedicated area for cardio-vascular workouts and weight training, if desired, with a paint scheme to stimulate energy. You could also have a relaxation area with neutral tones for a post workout cool down, used to calm the body and mind. As well as a very refreshing shower space, it's also possible to build in a kitchenette for healthy post-workout food and smoothies, before (if you were feeling very flash) retiring to the sauna!

The prospect of using your outside space as a haven to health, exercise and wellbeing becomes even more palatable when you realise that the space can be tailored whenever it needs to be; either with the equipment installed or, should it need to be, not being a gym at all anymore! It can adapt to be anything your family needs, from a playroom, hobby centre and even a granny annex.

If what you need is a gym, then by using outside space as your own dedicated haven to health, exercise and well-being, healthy living becomes much easier to adopt to the rest of your lifestyle and could even prevent you feeling a little guilty when you see an unused gym membership go out of your bank each month. That'll certainly make you feel a little better!

Date: 03/05/2015 | Author: Roger Hedges