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Gnome Delights: How the Garden Gnomes are Staging a Comeback

Despite many believing garden gnomes to have been consigned to history, this is not a historical piece; gnomes are reclaiming their place in British gardens! Here's how these friendly garden-roamers have been part of our homes over the last years.

Originating in Germany, garden gnomes first appeared in the United Kingdom in the 1840s, when Sir Charles Edmund Isham took a liking to them and began bringing them over from Germany to give them homes around his garden. For many years since then, the British have loved garden gnomes, featuring many of them in different costumes and positions all around their home and gardens.

The Gnome Resurgence

Of course, like any trend, after many years it became less fashionable to display these friendly critters in gardens, and hence they were forgotten about... until now. In what appears to be a trend cycle, garden gnomes have once again begun to pop up in gardens, dressed in various costumes and performing a range of different amusing activities.

Perhaps the latest resurgence is due in part to the now infamous 2009 ban on all gnomes from the Chelsea Flower Show. The idea was that the judging was supposed to be of the plants, not the ornaments. Instead, garden designers rebelled and found places to sneak their favourite garden friends into the show gardens.

Then, two years later, the British children's animation 'Gnomeo and Juliet' was released, making children nationwide install numbers of gnomes in the garden, in the hopes that they'd come alive at an unsuspecting moment.

Modern Gnome Delights

Whatever the cause of the garden gnome comeback, the fact is, they're back - and they're more adorable than ever! Popping up in stores is a huge range of gnomes, each with its own little personality to match any garden. A cute addition to your yards, gnomes add a subtle touch of quirkiness to your garden, as well as some interest to your lifeless plants during the colder months.

Regardless of what the gnomes in your garden are up to - lurking from behind your garden room, digging a hole in your vegetable patch or fishing for dinner in your pond - they can be a fun, quirky and cheap addition to your garden and are currently very much on trend. Look out for them in garden centres all over; there are plenty of gnomes waiting to be given a home.

Date: 24/07/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges