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Get Cosy with a Seasonal Garden Space

When Autumn arrives, the temptation is to stay in the comfort and warmth of the main part of the house and not trek out in the cold to your garden room. However, with these nifty tips, you can transform your extra living space in to a cosy retreat you love spending time in.

1. Thermal Efficiency

The most important factor to creating a warm, inviting space is to ensure the building is well insulated; the good news is that this is easy to achieve and Garden Spaces buildings are constructed to a high standard of thermal efficiency that helps them stay cool in the Summer and warm in the cooler months. You may find you can go a few weeks into Autumn before you need to start heating the space. Once the heating is switched on, the insulated walls and windows mean the building retains heat and is much more efficient to keep warm.

2. Heating Options

We offer a range of options to heat your garden room. The use of air-to-air heat pumps mean you can heat, cool, dehumidify and circulate the air for optimal air quality and temperature control. We can also install underfloor heating, or convector wall panels. Installing a heating source into your garden room is an investment that will ensure the building is a comfortable, usable space all year round. By using automated controls, you can even set timers to make sure that the space is preheated so that it's already warm and inviting by the time you come to use the room.

3. Love Your Feet

For most people their feet are the first body part to register the cold. Keeping your feet warm and snuggly will help your surrounding environment feel more comfortable. Consider using a carpet inside your garden room, or add a thick, luxurious rug. Buy an extra pair of slippers to keep in the room, so you will always have a pair to hand.

4. Keep The Door Closed

Minimise the number of trips back to the house you need to make during the day by keeping everything you might need in the room. Every time you open the door you lose valuable heat from the garden room, and when you step outside your body will start to feel pretty chilly too. If you have regular deliveries instruct the company to come round to the garden; have an extension to your landline wired out to the building; and keep snacks and hot drink making facilities in the room. You can even have a bathroom or kitchen area installed so there's no need to leave all day.

With a little preparation, you can transform your garden room into an inviting, cosy space suitable to use throughout the year.

Date: 02/06/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges