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From toddling to teenagers - how the garden room grows with your children!

It's often a surprise to new parents how much room a baby needs; for a person so small, it's genuinely fascinating and bemusing how many things they accumulate! It doesn't necessarily improve when they begin to grow, as their things simply get bigger and more numerous.

Most parents choose to make the smallest bedroom into a nursery, as there's normally only a cot, a chest of drawers and possibly a chair. As the baby gets older, and gets more books and toys, the smallest room can start to feel a little crowded and these things spill over into other rooms. Is there a way, however, that we can keep a house that gives a toddler room to play, explore and learn but also allows the parents to have a space they enjoy?

The answer could well lie at the bottom of your garden! Building a garden room could be an investment that, over a lifetime, provides an incredibly valuable space for both the child and the parents. For a toddler, a bright, engaging playroom that stimulates the senses and promotes learning is a very exciting place, but having this as the same space as a bedroom is not conducive to sleep! Children, particularly young children, need to sleep to build and grow and building a mental bridge between the bedroom and playing could be counter-productive. Lots of parents choose to use the dining room or even the living room for this purpose, but most parents don't want to be spending their evening trying to relax in a child's playroom! This is where the playspace at the bottom of the garden could really help; it creates a standalone area that the child associates with activity and play, leaving the bedroom as solely for sleep and the living room as a place suitable for mum and dad.

Garden Spaces rooms are constructed from thermally efficient Structural Insulated Panels that are designed to make the most of the area available in your garden, including odd angles or shapes. Their admirable efficiency qualities not only mean they're cheap to run, but it keeps them usable all year round, even the depths of winter! They come with a range of heating, lighting and can even have bathroom facilities that make them truly standalone without having to go back to the house while toilet training.

Of course, as children grow up, their needs change and the garden room can change along with them. From the bright, vibrant place they learned to play as very small children, it can be a learning room when they start school, giving them a place to focus and learn, as well as do homework. It can be a place to practice music for school projects, and as they get older, it gives teenagers and young adults their own space to start finding some independence - and also protect the other family members from the inevitable loud music or video games!

The child's playroom can be a very valuable thing, but for both parents and children, it can help to create a place dedicated to a particular activity, which not only increases the focus, but also means that the bedroom is for sleep... much to everyone's relief!

Date: 25/06/2018 | Author: Roger Hedges