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Family prayers for more space could be answered!

It's almost a universal rule of every family moving into a new home; the new house is more than big enough and it will remain clean and tidy! Despite the best intentions of every new inhabitant that they'll embrace Swedish Minimalism and have uncluttered spaces, it's inevitable that families always grow to fill the space they have.

While it's absolutely normal that families grow and their huge house eventually starts to feel a little more compact, the question is what to do about it. Eventually, as the family starts to think about their options, they come down to only a few choices. Firstly, it's to move house again, which is always unappealing due to the stress and expense involved. Secondly, it's to size up or extend your home, normally for a conservatory or a family rec room, giving vital extra living space.

There is a third option that combines the best of all worlds, however, and that is the garden room! Garden Spaces rooms use the extra outdoor space that you have to build a self-contained unit suitable for almost any purpose.

By its very nature, extending your property is intrusive, time-consuming and often very messy, simply because you're knocking a hole in the side of your home and then building onto it. It's often also subject to planning permission, and many authorities require plans to be submitted for approval and ensure that it doesn't affect neighbouring properties and some authorities have restrictions relating to the footprint of homes.

A potentially much simpler option is the addition of a garden room, which is a small, self-contained unit that makes the use of the extra space in your garden. By designing each garden room to fit the space available, you have a great extra living space without sacrificing usable sections of your garden. The uses are almost endless, but popular options include childrens' playrooms, home offices, music or art studios, home cinemas and even guest accommodation. They can be fitted with any number of facilities including kitchenettes, shower rooms, wi-fi repeaters and even green, living roofs!

The best part of choosing a garden room is that they can often be built without disturbing the main body of the home, making the process much less taxing. Many local authorities also allow provisions for 'permitted development', which garden rooms often come under, navigating around the expense and time-issues of going through the planning permission process.

There are a number of reasons that families require extra space, in some cases, the answer may just lie at the bottom of the garden!

Date: 29/04/2016 | Author: Roger Hedges