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Creating the Perfect Garden Music Room

Whether you're making it, producing it or teaching it, music is one of the most common reasons for building a garden room. To make sure you use it to its full potential, here are some simple ideas for enhancing your new creative space.

Add Some Privacy

Your garden room is already naturally sound proofed by the natural building insulation used within the walls. However, it's not sound that may be an issue, but visibility. Music is a creative art and one that many people can be sensitive about - so there's nothing worse than the neighbour next door or a family member peering in through the glass walls when you're trying to play or teach. By simply adding some curtains to your garden room, you'll gain that much-needed privacy.

Add Some Inspiration

Regardless of the music that's being played in your garden room - classical piano, garage rock or techno compilations, if you're dedicating your space completely to your music, then you should make it a place of inspiration. And this can be easily done with images of favourite musicians, sheet music of respected pieces or even lyrics to favourite songs. There's nothing more inspiring to help you write your next masterpiece than something that reminds you of what made you fall in love with the music in the first place.

Add Some Variety

As any creative person will tell you, a change of scenery can make all the difference, especially if you're struggling to finish the lyrics to a song, or come up with a new melody. And you can achieve this all from your garden room, by simply adding a variety of different elements into the space. For example, having the choice of two or three different seating options - a couch, a stool or a beanbag - could make all the difference when you're feeling antsy or restless.

Add Some Space

Remember, playing music is about feeling it - so it's important to give yourself the space to do that. They say less is more, and in this case it's true - the less clutter you have in your music room, the more space you have to dance around and feel the music that you're creating.

Add Some Colour

Your music room shouldn't just be the place you built to create or play music - it should be the place you want to go to create your music. So turn it into a space that instantly energises you as soon as you walk on through the door, by adding some colour. By either painting a feature wall, or decorating with a colour theme in mind, you'll effectively bring some energy into the room that will help you to stay in a creative mind.

By following these simple tips, you'll easily transform your garden room into a creative, inspirational and comfortable space for making music.

Date: 09/08/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges