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Creating a Child Friendly Garden Space

Your garden is a valuable asset to your home, providing you children with the opportunity to get plenty of fresh air and exercise. Tempt them away from the TV and into the daylight with these top tips for creating a safe, child-friendly zone.

1. Separate Them And Us

If you usually spend time in the garden by shouting 'don't touch that!' every few minutes, it can be stressful and your children won't enjoy the garden. Sectioning off grown up and child areas of the garden makes the boundaries clear, you can relax and your carefully planted flowers can remain intact.

2. Get Children Into Gardening

Foster a love of gardening by creating miniature fairy gardens together. For children, waiting for plants to grow can feel like an eternity, and they may quickly lose interest in the project altogether. Build a fairy garden complete with miniature pots, and even the tiniest plants will be visually appealing in comparison to the fairy-sized surroundings.

3. Lockable Storage

Gardening together provides you with an opportunity to teach your children how to use tools responsibly. When the work is done, keep your tools and equipment locked away safe from little hands that may be tempted to 'help' without your supervision.

4. Consider Grass Alternatives

Artificial grass is low maintenance and, including no mowing, offers a number of benefits to child-friendly gardens. It's usable all year round without the usual issues of mud, either ruining clothes or being brought into the house on muddy shoes. There are no errant blades of grass to get stuck in water features or pools and artificial grass doesn't become slippery when wet, therefore it's safer for small children when the weather is unpredictable.

5. Safe Play Equipment

For the ultimate child-friendly garden, install some play equipment. To keep playtime fun and safe the equipment should be positioned a reasonable distance from other structures such as walls and sheds, and be surrounded by safety matting.

Creating a child-friendly outdoor space requires a careful blend of entertainment and safety, so that you are all able to relax and enjoy the space together.

Date: 05/11/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges