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Could You Turn Your Garden Space Into A Holiday Lodge?

The trend for quirky holiday rentals is on the rise, with off-the-beaten-track rental sites making it easier than ever to let out your spare space. Is it possible to turn that last 20 feet of your garden into profitable space by installing a holiday lodge and renting it out?

If the idea appeals, consider it carefully with the following.

1. Would Anyone Want To Stay There?

Idyllic as your garden may be, if it's an hour's drive from the nearest place of interest, it probably won't attract that many customers. If, on the other hand, you are within close proximity to the coast, tourist attractions or an area of natural beauty your back garden getaway could be the perfect place for an overnight stay.

2. Could You Host A Retreat Weekend?

If you have special areas of expertise, then you could have an entire weekend to share your talent with guests. If you're a talented artist, an author or even able to teach beauty therapies or meditation classes, then a weekend retreat with accommodation and tutelage included in the price could be just the ticket.

3. What Services Are You Willing To Provide?

If you want to offer food to your guests, there are additional rules to adhere to and inspections that must be completed. If you want them to be self-sufficient you will either need to be near a good pub / restaurant or install self-catering facilities into your garden room.

4. What Restrictions Are Within Your Mortgage And Insurance?

Your mortgage provider may have special clauses regarding letting out all or part of your property. Some do not make stipulations as long as it's for less than 16 weeks of the year, some don't allow sub-letting at all. It's always worth checking with your provider to see if there are any restrictions. If you're prevented under your current agreement, then you may be able to switch to another deal but may incur charges for doing so. Also check with your home insurance provider to make sure that you and any guests are covered under the existing policy or whether different levels of cover are needed.

5. Do You Need Planning Permission?

Single storey garden rooms rarely require planning permission to be built. However, when you switch from its intended private use to using it as a holiday let, you may need permission for a change of use. Check with your local council before you get started.

Although there are a number of factors to consider and plenty of planning to take place before you get started, dozens, possibly hundreds of families across the UK generate an additional income by letting out rooms or lodges, so it may well be an option worth exploring.

Date: 25/11/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges