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Convert Your Cabin Into A Cosy Winter Retreat

Winter is a beautiful, picturesque and magical time, perfect for chocolate box pictures and Christmas Cards, but imagine one morning you open your curtains to a scene straight out of The Snowman. You hesitate before opening the back door, fearing the icy blasts as you run across the garden to your office. What thoughts do you use to motivate yourself?

As the cold weather draws in, we share with you are top tips for converting your garden office into a luxurious winter-retreat.

Generate Some Heat

Heating methods are best thought about at the time of installation, but if you already have a building constructed, then can easily be retrofitted.

For complete temperature control, it's best to install an air-to-air heat pump climate control unit. This can be used year round to heat in Winter and cool in Summer. Another option, if you only require heating is an underfloor unit, which is unobtrusive and efficient, or alternatively install convector wall-hung heating panels, which can be fitted at any time.

Now Lock The Heat In

To keep you garden room at a comfortable temperature, it needs to be well insulated. Our garden buildings are constructed with thermal-efficiency in mind. Because air is generally difficult to heat, the insulated panels used prevent as much of this heat escaping through the floor, walls and roof.

Another effective tactic is to keep the doors closed, as every time it's opened, it exchanges warm air from inside with cold from outside that needs to be heated again. Reduce the numbers of reasons to leave your office by keeping hot drink facilities in the room and having an extension from your home telephone to the office.

Decorate For Cooler Weather

When choosing the colour scheme for your garden room it makes sense to do so with the colder weather in mind, as the days you would like to be warmed up are likely to outnumber the days you need to cool down.

Pick a soft neutral paint for the walls, then add warming accents of yellow, orange or red. An earthy colour palette incorporating a soft yellow with sage green works especially well in a garden room as it reflects the colours outside, while adding energy and warmth to the interior.

The lighting scheme is particularly important in the winter, when even during the day you are likely to need to use some artificial lighting. Keep workspaces brightly lit with and give the rest of the room a warm glow with gentle side lights or lamps.

Now add a stack of cosy blankets and cuddly cushions. Nordic prints are a great way to create a ski-lodge feel to your cabin, or go for vibrant reds and oranges to warm up your colour scheme.

Finally, remember your mother's advice and put on an extra layer. By wearing a warm coat during your dash across the garden, you'll prevent being chilled before you even get to your office, making it a lot easier to feel warmer quicker.

Date: 25/11/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges