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Can you make your garden room work for you?

The internet has been credited - and in some cases blamed - for a great number of things, but one of the greatest is in allowing huge numbers of services to be delivered faster, more efficiently and cheaper. It's also the basis of the rising work-from-home economy, allowing more and more of the British public to use their home spaces as office spaces.

Another great benefit of the internet has been the rise of the sharing economy. If you're not overly familiar with the concept, it's the idea that you share what you have spare, for a small remuneration. The best - and most famous - proof of concept is AirBnB, the immensely popular website where property owners can rent out their flat or home while it's not in use. The idea is that while you and your family are away on holiday, you rent your home out to another family for two weeks, monetizing your home while it would usually have been stood vacant.

Recently, the rise in British home working has been so immense, that it's now possible to even rent out your kitchen table. Those termed as 'Millennial Professionals' who work from home can benefit from what is effectively a rented office space for a fraction of the usual cost while the owners are either working from home, or out all day at work themselves.

The idea of the sharing economy could be of great interest to those with garden rooms for a number of reasons. Many garden spaces are exceptionally versatile and able to function as a self-contained living space, which is why many people choose to have them installed; extra sleeping space for visiting family can be invaluable! Using your extra accommodation to generate a little extra income when not being used by family is certainly something that many families would appreciate!

For those whose garden space is used as a home office, the new 'rent-a-desk' sharing economy potentially provides benefits for both sides. For the renter, managed office suites can be prohibitively expensive, so the ability to use an office space with Wi-Fi, desks and no restrictive 'tied-in' contract is a dream come true. For the owner, it's making your assets work for you, monetizing property that is already there and - for those who work from home - potentially a companion to help prevent mid-afternoon lag and aide productivity.

One of the greatest things about garden rooms is their incredible versatility. For years, we've been told that being productive is about making sure that every asset we have is working for us - and for something as valuable as a garden room and the 'sharing economy', it could be working really hard!

Date: 12/03/2016 | Author: Roger Hedges