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Britain has said how it likes to relax and we can't help but agree!

According to a recent poll, the British are generally a gentle, fairly easy to please bunch. When asked about our favourite pastimes, the most popular activities included long walks in the countryside, reading in the garden and the odd pint at the pub. Looking a little further down the list, it also included playing with children and pets in the garden, birdwatching and, surprisingly in the digital age, reading the paper.

One of the notable things about all of the activities on the list is how many of them are ways to enjoy home, family, the garden and the outdoors. A great way to combine many of the ways that Britons love to relax is with a Garden Spaces garden room. Because Garden Spaces rooms aren't pre-fabricated, they're tailored and bespoke to the outdoor area you have available and can be directed towards and set up for making the most of your garden and homestead. This in turn means that you don't risk putting an unsuitable structure that doesn't fit your landscape into the space and risk it detracting from your garden rather than adding to it.

The room is fully customisable and can be connected to all utilities, meaning that by installing a kitchenette and a refrigerator, in the summer months it becomes the best place to tick off many of the activities that Britons do to unwind. It can be a valuable addition and because it can be fitted for any purpose, it becomes the perfect place to play with the family pet, entertain children or even have an ice-cold drink with friends making use of the space as an indoor-outdoor entertaining area.

One of the greatest and most unexpected benefits of building a garden room is that it extends your garden's usable lifespan from just the summer months to an all year round feature. With the glazing and insulation options available, the garden room is cool in summer and warm in winter and it will allow you to not only relax with the Sunday paper in the summer sun, but also enjoy the outdoors while in a warm space that overlooks the winter scape of your garden, watching the weather coming in and looking at the wildlife that visits your garden during the colder months.

Undertaking any garden project should always be viewed by looking at the positive impact that it makes to family life. Although the list of most popular activities for Britons appears to be a little old-fashioned, when you consider that modern life now appears to be constantly at full speed from online activities, social media and smartphones, it becomes important to unplug. By installing a Garden Spaces garden room, the positive benefits of these more traditional pastimes become completely apparent and the appeal of a garden room ever more enticing... but installing internet access to your garden room is a very simple procedure, just in case you should want to use it for a quick peek online while you're chilling outdoors!

Date: 14/06/2015 | Author: Roger Hedges