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Achieving Your Start-Up Dreams from Your Garden

“Start-up business" is one of the most commonly heard phrases these days - and people around the world are turning their bright ideas into successful business opportunities. What better place to start than from your own creative space in your garden?

Why Work from Your Garden Room?

There are several reasons that working from home can be beneficial - but the main one is to save money. If you're in the process of launching a new start-up business, it's likely that you're not yet making any money from it and there's no cheaper office space than a free one. Your garden room is a fantastic opportunity to create a functioning workspace for one or a small team of people, without the added costs of renting an office. Additionally, you'll save both time and money from commuting to work.

Working from your garden room-turned-office is also much more efficient than simply working from home, since it's easier to stay focussed. When working from home, many people find themselves becoming too distracted but in a designated work area, such as your garden room, you'll find it much easier to stay on track and achieve your professional goals.

Creating a Consultancy Office

Turning your garden room into a professional consultancy office enables you to invite professional affiliates to your home, without having to panic about them judging the state of your house. Despite your garden room being part of your property, the decor can easily reflect that of an office and therefore help you to maintain a working atmosphere.

Creating a Treatment Room

If your skills are in the fields of beauty, hairdressing, massage therapy or the related professions, using a garden room can be much more cost effective than renting a space from a salon. Without weekly or monthly rental costs, you can have money to personalise the space and you may well find your clients appreciate the home setting over a sterile salon.

Creating an Art Studio

A garden room is a fantastic opportunity to designate a space for creativity. With limited escaping sound, you can stay up until the small hours of the night working on various projects and once you're done for the day, you can simply shut the door behind you. So it's no surprise that many people whose start-up businesses involve creating physical objects are choosing to use their garden room as a workspace, creating the ultimate balance between work and life.

Whether you're leaving your job to pursue your start-up dream or taking on a side-project, you need a space to call your own and your garden room can be easily transformed into the perfect workspace to help you achieve your professional goals.

Date: 16/10/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges