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A garden room for a chill out - or even a time out!

There was a time when the words 'mobile' and 'phone' were never seen together and The Net was something John Barnes would hit with alarming regularity. Although our lives have been radically improved by modern technology, the knock-on effects of higher levels of stress and anxiety over the 'Fear Of Missing Out' have been suggested.

This kind of 24/7 connection has made a number of worlds collide. At one point, young people went to school and spent the day with friends while the adults were at work. Everyone would return home in the evening to eat together, then either spend time watching television, playing games or going to see friends. These days however, it can seem like a challenge to get some peace and personal space to actually chill out. Whereas the lounge used to have one television that the family would watch together, there can now be a 200+ channel television, Netflix on an iPad, YouTube streaming on a smartphone and Spotify playing on a laptop. The 'totally connected' family can now feel very insular and the noise from each device is enough to drive you to distraction.

Is there a way to get a little bit of peace and get away from it all? The idea of a 'digital detox' certainly isn't new, but has been growing in popularity over the last few years. The idea is fairly simple; instead of habitually checking social media, looking for likes or mentions, you go offline and spend time with family or friends, without digital means.

Is this easy for the average family to do, however? In an age where even refrigerators are web-enabled and we have virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa in stereo speakers, are there just too many distractions to get every member of the family to disconnect?

The answer could lie in your garden. Installing a family room in the garden with a 'no phones' rule could actually be the perfect solution. Having a single television in there for movie night, or racks of board games, a dart board or even a pool table could reinstate the family element, reducing stress and improving family time without having to go through the chore of removing devices from our homes or banning the myriad of tablets, phones or laptops from the living room.

Garden Spaces rooms are designed around the space you have available, taking into account odd corners or angles, making sure that it works with your garden and not against it. They're constructed from SIPs panels, making them extremely energy efficient and suitable for use all year round, as well as having connections to power and water - and even bathroom facilities if you like! The space is designed around you and can be a versatile as you need, with clever storage solutions, lighting options and heating.

The idea of the family digital detox could be a great way to reduce stress, not only helping everything from anxiety to sleep patterns, but also recreate a chance to connect with each other and not a device.

Date: 14/04/2018 | Author: Roger Hedges