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A Billiard Room Always Sounds Impressive

It was once the sign of a luxurious and sumptuous home, usually a country manor or large estate, but a billiard room has long been thought of as the ultimate show of prestige. Billiard rooms were originally a way to bring outdoor lawn games inside and gained popularity with the wealthy classes in the 18th and 19th Centuries when they were often paired with libraries, studies or even smoking rooms as a place for relaxation.

These days, billiards - or even the more popular modern equivalents of snooker and pool - tend to be played in public halls and member clubs, simply because the tables take up quite a lot of space. Our modern homes aren't really equipped to give over a significant amount of area to games, but having a recreation room would very likely be high up on a lot of homeowners' wish lists!

It's not only possible, but actually quite simple to create your ideal games and recreation room down the end of your garden, with a Garden Spaces room! Just as Georgian and Victorian houses combined their billiards table with a library or smoking room, clever use of space means that even if you're longing to install a full-sized championship quality snooker table, you can create a multi-purpose space that becomes the perfect relaxation spot.

Garden Spaces rooms are designed around the space you have available, meaning that they efficiently use what you have and keep as much garden as possible. Our Structured Insulated Panels construction means rooms are highly thermally efficient, creating a space you can use all year round and keeping the environment warm and dry. With some clever design and a little forethought about how you'd like to use the space, you can have anything from a 7' pub pool table right the way up to a full-size snooker table that lives in perfect harmony with all of your other entertainment equipment, whether that's PlayStation, library or even DJ equipment!

All Garden Spaces rooms can be connected to all amenities, so power, water and even Wi-Fi can come straight down the garden path, making it so that however you choose to unwind, the options are there for you.

These days, we're just as focussed on having a place that we can go to unwind as our predecessors were in the days when billiards rooms started to become popular - but we have a lot more options! The decline in the number of pubs in Britain has given the impression that lots of traditional games, such as snooker, pool, darts and poker feel less accessible than they did a number of years ago, even though they remain as popular as ever.

Recreation and games rooms can be wonderful areas that families fall in love with - and are great for entertaining - and you also get the prestige of being able to say "Yes, we've just installed it down in the Billiards Room" and be very grandiose!

Date: 04/01/2018 | Author: Roger Hedges