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6 Tips To Create A Fantastical Playroom

A garden room provides an opportunity to create a truly magical playroom for children, while freeing up space inside your home that would otherwise be occupied by toys, games and buckets of arts and crafts materials.

Here we take a look at the essential tips for creating the ultimate child-friendly environment.

Keep Everybody Happy

If the parents are happy, then kids are happy. Not only does the room have to be welcoming to children, but make sure it's Mum-and-Dad friendly by adding a large comfortable chair, maybe a footstool and a table so that a cup of tea can be enjoyed whilst supervising playtime.

Don't Decorate With Characters

Plastering the entire room with your child's favourite TV character will certainly add the wow factor, but won't be the wisest investment you've ever made in terms of time and effort. Children have a tendency to follow trends which move much faster than the average person's ability to redecorate. Just as the paint begins to dry on the final bespoke mural, your child will start to mutter words like 'lame,' 'babyish' and 'the wrong one.' Create a versatile base by keeping walls and floors simple, and then personalise with accessories, posters and pictures that can be easily replaced.

Create A Gallery

Use this child-focussed space to display certificates and works of art. Not only will this help create a more personalised environment, it will also keep your fridge door clear of the endless pieces of work sent home from school.

Build In Storage

When planning your space, design plenty of built-in storage. Imagine how much storage you think you will need, then double it, and you will have just the right amount of places to store toys, puzzles, games and crafts. Built-in benches all around the room, with space for boxes underneath, will give the children somewhere to perch, flat spaces to play on and somewhere within reach to store their toys.

Add Levels

For younger children, you can add interest with extra height. A raised platform creates a cosy, quiet space for reading up top and a den to play in underneath. You can achieve this effect by adding a high sleeper bed, or commissioning bespoke play equipment.

Make the Walls Entertaining

The walls can provide just as much entertainment as the toys. Create a vertical play space with blackboard paint, or by adding a whiteboard surface, or even a giant magnetic board.

Your new garden room is versatile empty space, packed full of potential. Let your imagination run wild creating built-in fun, you children could only dream of until now.

Date: 09/07/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges