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Garden Spaces Updates

Viewing blogs from June 2018

From toddling to teenagers - how the garden room grows with your children!

It's often a surprise to new parents how much room a baby needs; for a person so small, it's genuinely fascinating and bemusing how many things they accumulate! It doesn't necessarily improve when they begin to grow, as their things simply get bigger and more numerous.

Date: 25/06/2018 | Author: Roger Hedges

Is the solution to overcrowding in your garden?

For most people, one of the joys of owning your own place for the first time is being able to entertain and host in a place of your own. Being able to invite family down for the weekend or giving friends somewhere to stay over after you decide to open another bottle makes it feel like entertaining done properly! One thing that tends to happen is that as families grow, it becomes less easy - and in some cases downright inconvenient - to have friends and family to stay.

Date: 08/06/2018 | Author: Roger Hedges