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Garden Spaces Updates

Viewing blogs from April 2018

Think of the bees!

It’s safe to say that we’re all a lot more environmentally conscious than we used to be. We’ve seen a big uplift in the amount of recycling, efforts to reduce emissions from engines, lower the amount of energy used in our homes and offices and even a campaign against wasteful, single-use plastics. While all of these things are great in limiting the amount of damage done to the environment, is there something that we can do to take positive steps?

Date: 23/04/2018 | Author: Roger Hedges

A garden room for a chill out - or even a time out!

There was a time when the words ‘mobile’ and ‘phone’ were never seen together and The Net was something John Barnes would hit with alarming regularity. Although our lives have been radically improved by modern technology, the knock-on effects of higher levels of stress and anxiety over the ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ have been suggested.

Date: 14/04/2018 | Author: Roger Hedges