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Garden Spaces Updates

Viewing blogs from May 2014

5 Indoor Plants To Help Keep You Healthy

Did you know that, aside from looking good, houseplants can be valuable allies in your ongoing wellbeing? Here are five plants that can easily be added to your garden room to add a little greenery.

Date: 25/05/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges

Grand Designs 2014 - A Grand Success for Garden Spaces

Did you visit us at the Grand Designs Show in May? We enjoyed a fantastic few days a this exhibition, which was, once again, a big success not just for us but everyone who attended.

Date: 20/05/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges

4 Fabulous Interior Design Trends to Look Out for in 2015

Decorate your space with a nod to one of these forthcoming trends and you will be creating a truly modern interior.

Date: 18/05/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges

Garden studio vs. an extension – which is best?

The property market might be in recovery, but many people are still rightly cautious about moving house. It is a huge upheaval, causing lots of stress and a large amount of expenses.

Date: 14/05/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges

5 Modern & Stylish Desk Ideas For The Home Office

Wacky, wild, vintage or modern, your desk is more than just a place to work, it sets the tone for your entire home office. Before you go desk shopping get your preferences and priorities clear in your mind. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Date: 13/05/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges

Coming to a Garden Near You! 5 Steps to the Perfect Home Cinema

A garden room is the ideal place to locate your home cinema. Away from the hustle and bustle of the main house, your entertainment won't be interrupted by the distractions of everyday living, and you can crank the sound system right up without disturbing the rest of your family.

If you want your very own theatre right across the lawn, here are five steps to follow to create the perfect home cinema.

Date: 11/05/2014 | Author: Roger Hedges