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Pool Room - South Hinksey, Oxford

Ext: 8.20m by 5m
Int Hgt: 2.2m(min)
Int Area: 34.1msq
Storage: 2.8msq

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Garden Room - Enfield

Ext: 7.49m by 4.29m
Int Hgt: 2.1m(min)
Int Area: 29.1msq

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Garden Room with Storage - Tooting Bec, London

Ext: 7.89m by 3.39m
Int Hgt: 2.25m(min)
Int Area: 16.2msq
Storage: 5.1msq

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Garden Sauna Room - Chaldon, Greater London

Ext: 7.5m by 3.87m 
Int Hgt: 2.4m(min) 
Int Area: 25.5msq

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Garden Office - Muswell Hill, London

Ext: 7.32m by 5.32m 
Int Hgt: 2.15m(min) 
Int Area: 28.8msq

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Garden Studio - East Horsley, Surrey

Ext: 6.09m by 3.89m 
Int Hgt: 2.60m(min) 
Int Area: 21.3msq

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We are very happy with our new gym. Please extend a big thank you to all the team who worked so hard

Garden Room - Brentwood, Essex

Ext: 7m by 4m 
Int Hgt: 2.3m(min) 
Int Area: 23.6msq

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Thank you again for your help and please again pass on acknowledgement of our gratitude to Chris for

Garden Room - Southgate, London

Ext: 6m by 4m 
Int Hgt: 2.15m(min) 
Int Area: 20.9msq

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Pool Room - Brentwood, Essex

Ext: 8m by 4m
Int Hgt: 2.35m(min)
Int Area: 28msq

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Garden Room - Gosport, Hampshire

Ext: 3.09m by 6.39m
Int: 2.15m(min)
Area: 17.3msq

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Garden Room - Rotherhithe, London

Ext: 3.75m by 2.75m
Int: 2.15m(min)
Area: 6.8msq

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We are very happy with the work completed and how it all looks like. Florin and his guys did an amaz

Garden Room - Loughton, Essex

Ext: 6m by 5m
Int: 2.15m(min)
Area: 25.8msq

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Garden Room - Beckton, London

Ext: 5m by 3.03m
Int: 2.3m(min)
Area: 9.5msq
Storage: 3.2msq

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We are delighted with our garden studio, looks brilliant and can't wait to start using it properly.

Garden Room with Storage - Barnes

Ext: 3.69m by 3.09m
Int: 2.15m(min)
Area: 5.5msq
Storage: 4msq

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Garden Room with Storage - Beaconsfield

Ext: 7.9m by 3.4m
Int: 2.15m(min)
Area: 15.1msq
Storage: 8.4msq

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Garden Room with Storage - New Malden, London

Ext: 6.09m by 5.09m
Int: 2.10m(min)
Area: 24.8msq
Storage: 2.9msq

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Can I use this opportunity to specifically thank Donna, Karl and your works team for the very profes

Garden Room - Mill Hill, London

Ext: 5m by 4.41m
Int: 2.15m(min)
Area: 14.5msq

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Garden Room - Haughton, Cheshire

Ext: 7m by 3.5m
Int: 2.5m(min)
Area: 21.8msq

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Garden Room - Highgate, London

Ext: 6.3m by 3.3m
Int: 2.35m(min)
Area: 18.2msq

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Garden Office - Westerham, Kent

Ext: 7m by 4m
Int: 2.35m(min)
Area: 24.9msq

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Summerhouse - Westerham

Ext: 6m by 3m
Int: 2.3m(min)
Area: 15.5msq

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Garden Office - Harpenden

Ext: 3.5m by 2.5m
Int: 2.3m(min)
Area: 7.3msq

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We thought that everyone involved in the building was excellent and did a fabulous job.
We're happy

Family Room - Muswell Hill

Ext: 4.4m by 4.00m
Int: 2.14m(min)
Area: 15.1msq

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We are very pleased with our new gym. The quality of work appears to be very high. The workmen were

Helix - Gym - Harpenden

External dimensions: 5m by 4.5m
Internal height: 2.3m(min)
Internal area: 20.1msq

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Helix - Games Room - Hatfield

External dimensions: 6m by 5m
Internal height: 2.1m(min)
Internal area: 27.4msq

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Helix - Garden Room - Maidenhead

External dimensions: 6m by 3.68m
Internal height: 2.10m(min)
Internal area: 17.5msq

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We’re very pleased with the work that has been carried out. A huge thanks to everyone involved.

Helix - Gym - Hampshire

External dimensions: 4.69m by 4.59m
Internal height: 2.10m(min)
Internal area: 18.2msq

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Helix - Family Room with Storage - Hillingdop

External dimensions: 8.6m by 4m
Internal height: 2.29m(min)
Internal area: 26.5msq
SIP Storage area: 2.6msq

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Helix - Office-workshop with storage - Hampshire

External dimensions: 6.39m by 3.79m
Internal height: 2.35m(min)
Internal area: 16.1msq
SIP Storage area: 4.4msq

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Helix - Family Room - Harpenden

External dimensions: 9m by 3.85m
Internal height: 2.35m(min)
Internal area: 29.9msq

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