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Helix - Gym -Twickenham

External Dimensions – 4.78m by 7.58m
Internal Space – 29.8msq

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Helix - Multi-functional Studio - Surrey

External Dimensions – 3.78m by 4.88m
Internal Space – 14.6

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Helix - Gym - Lambeth, London

External Dimensions – 4.4m by 3.12m
Internal Space – 11.9msq

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Helix - Cinema Room - West Chiltington

External Dimensions: 8m by 5.4m
Internal Area: 29.5msq

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A quick note to say how superb your installation team are under Costi. I can't believe how much they

Helix - Garden Room with Storage - London

External dimensions: 6m by 3.3m
Internal Area: 10.9msq
Storage: 6.1msq

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Many thanks to you Roger and the team for the work that went into getting the studio completed. We'r

Helix - Garden Office with Storage - London

External dimensions: 3.6m x 4.5m
Internal Area: 11.4msq
Storage: 2.2msq

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I'd like to say we are really happy with the studio. Thank you. I would also like to say that both A

Helix - Family Room - Marlow

External Dimensions: 6.4m by 4m,
Internal Area: 15m2,
Storage: 7.4m2

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We found the customer service to be both friendly and helpful at all stages, in the initial visits a

Helix - Multi-functional Studio with Storage - St Albans

External Dimensions: 8.7m by 4m
Internal Area: 15.7m
Storage Area: 7m

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The gym looks absolutely amazing! It all went so smoothly and the guys were an absolute delight to h

Helix - Gym with Storage - Highgate

External Dimensions: 4.9m by 3m
Internal Area: 12.7m2
Storage Area: 3.3m2

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We would strongly recommend anyone considering a garden room to appoint Garden Spaces. They have a p

Helix - Multi-functional Studio - Oxford

Internal Area: 38.7m2
Storage Area: 11.9m2

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It really has been a pleasure having Damon and Wayne, as well as the whole Garden Spaces team, inclu

Helix - Garden Office - Oxford

External dimensions: 4.9m by 4.9m
Internal Area: 17.4m2

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Helix - Office - Great MIssenden

External Dimensions: 4m by 3m
Internal Area: 9.9m2

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Helix - Gym - North London

External Dimension: 5.8m by 3.8m
Internal Area: 12.6m2

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I'm delighted with my studio! Many thanks for your invaluable input. Costi and his team have been gr

Helix - Art Studio - Crouch End

External Dimensions: 5.49m x 6.68m
Internal Area: 29m2

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The installation team were reliable and very professional in the way they worked. They were also fri

Helix - Art Studio - Watford

External dimensions: 3m by 3m
Internal Area: 7.5m2

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Helix – Multifunctional Barn – Hertfordshire

External Dimensions: 27m by 6m
Internal Area: 152m2
Images: "Barn design Copyright 2012 JTennet All Rights Reserved"

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Helix - Multifunctional Studio - Worcester

External Dimensions: 5m by 3.4m
Internal Area: 13m2

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Helix - Music Room - Stoke Newington

External Dimensions: 4.4m by 2.7m
Internal area: 10m2

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Helix - Office with storage - Berkshire

External Dimensions: 5.3m by 3.8m
Internal area: 9m2
Storage area: 5.7m2

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Helix - Sound Studio - Whitstable

External dimensions: 7.2m by 4.8m
Internal Space: 30sqm

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Helix - Music Room - Shepherds Bush

External Dimensions: 6.2m by 3.7m
Internal Area: 19m2

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Again, we are delighted with the finished building and will be sure to tell our friends! Thank you.

Helix - Yoga and Osteopathy Studio - Tunbridge Wells

External Dimensions: 11.6m by 5.3m
Internal Space: 42m2

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Thanks Roger – we are really delighted with the build and Alan and Ashley were absolutely brillian

Helix - Office Studio - Englefield Green

External Dimensions: 5m by 8m
Internal Area: 35m2

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We are very pleased with the work John and Deva have been doing - they have been brilliant throughou

Helix - Living Space - Lewes

External dimensions: 7.3m by 3m
Internal area: 19.8m2

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Helix - Office Studio - London

External Dimensions: 5.5m by 3.7m
Internal area: 15.7m

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I'm absolutely delighted with the room. It's working remarkably well as an acoustic work space and t

Helix - Music Room - Woodford Green, London

External Dimensions: 5.5m by 4.9m
Internal Area: 15.4msq

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I am very pleased with the installation and commend the professionalism and efficiency of your opera

Gastropod - Studio Gym - Manchester

Dimensions: 2.48m by 3.68m
Internal Area: 7.4msq

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Helix - Office with Storage and En-suite Shower room - Oxford

External Dimensions: 5.5m by 5.8m
Internal area: 23msq
Storage area: 3.4msq

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Helix - Gym - Hampstead Heath

External dimensions: 3.8m by 3m
Internal Area: 8.9

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Helix - Gym with Storage - Swindon

External dimensions: 5m x 3.4m
Internal gym area: 9.4msq
Storage space: 4.4msq

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