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We had a particular challenge – to create a building that combined a storage shed, office space an

Helix - Garden Room, Office and Storage - London

External dimensions 3.2m by 4.9m
internal space 12sqm
Storage space 3.2sqm

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For my purposes this simple design works very satisfactorily in the garden space available and is in

Helix - Print Studio - London

4.7m by 3.7m
Internal area 16.5m2

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"Our dream was to have a modern contemporary eco home built to our own bespoke design - Garden Space

Helix - Annexe - Lincolnshire

9.5m by 6m
internal space 52m2

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Helix - Garden studio with workshop - Kensal Rise

4.9m by 3.8m
Internal area: 13.3m2
Workshop: 3.6m2

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"We are very happy with how the room has turned out. The install team was very good in making sure t

Helix - Garden Studio - Amersham

3.65m by 3.15m

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Elegans - Classroom - Northampton

External dimensions 7.35m by 4.35m
Internal space 26.6m2

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"I cannot thank you, your designer and all your team enough for your stunning product and the effici

Elegans - Garden Studio - Cambridge

5.7m by 2.5m

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"I would again like to say how delighted we are and how much we love the studio."

Helix - Living Space - Stanstead

5.7m by 4.8m

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"Very happy with the build. The guys worked incredibly hard whilst showing real attention to detail

Helix - Sound and Art Studio - St Albans

21.5m2 internal space
8.5m by 3.5m (at widest point)

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"Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved in helping to create the room”.

Helix - Garden Gym and Storage - Harpenden

4.5m by 3.3m

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Helix - Garden Gym - Bromley

Helix Studio
7.5m by 4m

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Helix - Garden Office - London

Helix Studio
3.6m by 3.9m
Internal: 11m2
Storage: 2.4m2

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Helix - garden studio - Wimbledon

Helix Studio
5m by 3.15m
Internal space: 16m2

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Helix - Office Studio - Enfield

External dimensions: 5.8m by 3.8m
Internal space: 22m2

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Thank you so much - I am absolutely thrilled with my studio. Please feel free to use us as a referen

Helix - Gym - Tunbridge Wells

6.3m by 4.4m

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An excellent service from start to finish, good quality materials and workmanship giving an attracti

Helix - hospital gym - Scunthorpe

5m x 3.75m

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