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Helix - Gym with ensuite shower - Surrey

External Dimensions: 5.48m by 4.48m
Internal Area: 20.7msq

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I wanted to let you know what a good job Costi & his team have done for us over the last few weeks -

Helix - Games and chill out studio - Farnham

External Dimensions: 7.32m by 4.32m
Internal Area: 28.6msq

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Helix - Multi-functional - Nunhead

External Dimensions: 4.62m by 3.12m
Internal Area: 10.8msq
Storage area: 1.3msq

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Very pleased with our garden office, absolutely delivered the brief. Excellent standard of workman

Helix - Garden Office - Hove, East Sussex

External Dimensions: 3.88m by 3.08m
Internal Area: 10.2msq

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Helix - Multifunctional studio - London

External Dimensions: 4.68m by 3.18m
Internal Area: 10.9msq
Storage Area: 3.9

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I am extremely happy with the garden room.

Helix - Sound studio - Hove

External Dimensions: 7m by 4.14m
Internal Area: 25.5msq

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Helix – Office and Gym – Eltham

External Dimensions: 4m by 5m
Internal Area: 17.7msq

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We were very happy with build team and feel that they have done a very good job with the office

Helix - Office with Ensuite and Workshop - Earlswood

External Dimensions: 4.08 m by 11.28 m
Internal Area: 21.7msq
Workshop Area: 15.8 msq

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Helix - Office with storage - West Sussex

External Dimensions: 3.13 m by 3.68 m
Internal Area: 4.3 msq
Storage Area: 2.5 msq

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I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone on the team. It’s been a pl

Helix - Office with WC - Amersham

External Dimensions: 5.32 m by 3.32 m
Internal Area: 15.4 msq

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My garden studio has exceeded all of my expectations both in quality and construction. I would have

Helix – Multifunctional Studio – Renfrewshire

External Dimensions: 5.34 m by 3.59 m
Internal Area: 16.8 msq

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Now that we have been using the "DEN" for a few weeks, I wanted to tell you how pleased I {well - th

Helix - Games and TV Room - Lower Kingswood

External Dimensions: 2.53 m by 3.07 m
Internal Area: 6.2 msq

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Helix - Gym - Woking

External Dimensions: 5.3 m by 3.3 m
Internal Area: 13 msq

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Helix - Multifinctional Office with shower room - Botley

External Dimensions: 6.7 m by 3.66 m
Internal Area: 25.9 msq

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Helix - Multifunctional studio with Storage - Saffron Waldon

External Dimensions: 3.68 m by 3 m
Internal Area: 9.3 msq
Storage area: 3.3 msq

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Helix - Multifunctional Studio - Cambridgeshire

External Dimensions: 5 m by 4.5 m
Internal Area: 20 msq

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Helix - office studio - Leyton

External Dimensions: 4.79 m by 3.49 m
Internal Area: 14.5msq

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The guys have finished and everything is in order. Steve and Ian were fantastic and have done a grea

Helix - Multifunctional studio - Wimbledon

External Dimensions: 4.58 m by 6.08 m
Internal Area: 23.9 msq

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Helix - Gym with Storage - Surrey

External Dimensions: 5.98m by 4.14m
Internal Area: 20.8 msq

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Thank you-very pleased with the execution and the outcome, please pass this thanks onto Chris who in

Helix - Office with storage - North Warnborough

External Dimensions: 5.88m by 3.38m
Internal Area: 8msq
Storage: 4.4msq

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Helix - Gym - Highgate, London

External Dimensions: 5.09m by 3.14m
Internal Area: 13.9msq

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Helix - Family Room - Truro

External Dimensions: 4.5m by 3.12m
Internal area: 10.8m2

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Helix - Family room - Essex

External Dimensions: 6.29m by 5.24m,
Internal area: 27m2,
Storage area: 3m2

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We are very happy with our build, thank you so much. Please pass on our appreciation to Steve and Ia

Helix - Gym - Richmond

External Dimensions: 4.28 m by 9m
Internal area: 29.8m2

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Helix - Multifunctional Studio - Leatherhead

External Dimensions: 4.38 m by 6.38m
Internal area: 22.1sqm
Storage area: 4.8sqm

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We are over the moon about the office. It looks fantastic in our garden and will be great to use as

Helix - Office Studio - Hampton Hill

External Dimensions: 4.3 by 3.7m
Internal Area: 12.7 msq

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We are very pleased with the studio and looking forward to making good use of it over the summer.

Helix - Office Studio - Winchester

External Dimensions: 4 m by 3.1m
Internal area: 9.5m2

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We are very pleased with the studio and looking forward to making good use of it over the summer.

Helix - Multi-functional studio - London

External Dimensions: 4.26 m by 3.09 m
Internal area: 8.9 msq
Storage area: 1.9 msq

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We are really pleased with the garden studio

Helix - Family Room with Storage - Woodford Green

External Dimensions: 5m by 3 m
Internal area: 9 msq
Storage area: 3.5 msq

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The build is great, I’m extremely happy and I must say that both guys are absolute professionals w

Helix - Multi-functional Studio - Walton on Thames

External Dimensions: 4.9 by 3 m
Internal area: 9.4 msq
Storage area: 2.6msq

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