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Helix - 3 x Music Rooms - Birmingham

Building 1: Ext dimensions 5m by 3.9m, Internal area 15msq
Building 2: Ext dimensions 5m by 3.9m, Internal area 15msq
Building 3: Ext dimensions 3.2m by 4.8m, Internal area 13msq

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Helix - Garden Room - Lavenham

External Dimensions: 4.96m by 3.06m
Internal area: 11.6msq

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We are thrilled with our garden room which we call our "Pavillion". Garden spaces worked with us thr

Helix - Garden Room - Beckenham

External Dimensions: 10.7m by 4.3m
Internal area: 30.7msq
Integral Storage: 6.9msq

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Overall we were very pleased with the customer service we received. We felt that your designer Steve

Helix - Office - Bromley

External Dimensions: 4.9m by 4.7m
Internal area: 18.4m

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Garden Spaces have created a stunning, custom designed living space for our family at a fraction of

Helix - Family Room - St Albans

Helix – Garden Studio - St Albans
External Dimensions: 10.36m by 7.16m
Internal area: 44m

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Helix - Gym - Kent

External Dimensions: 5.4m by 3.3m
Internal area: 15m

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Colum and John finished last week- it looks fantastic! We really appreciate the effort they, Jim an

Helix - Workshop - Bristol

External Dimensions: 3.5m by 2.5m
Internal area: 7msq

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My studio is finished and beautiful. Great job thank you.

Helix - Multifunctional studio - Knebworth

External Dimensions: 4m by 6m
Internal area: 21.4msq

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Helix - Pool house - Roydon

External Dimensions: 5m by 5m
Internal area: 13.4msq
Storage area: 8.8msq

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Thank you very much - we are really happy to have our new gym and I would definitely recommend Garde

Helix - Gym with Storage - Maidenhead

External Dimensions: 4m by 4.2m
Internal area: 9msq
Storage area: 5.2

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In terms of feedback, yes we are very pleased with it. Looks good and your team were very easy to de

Helix - Gym - Harpenden

External Dimensions: 5.6m by 6m
Internal Area: 28.7msq

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"An extremely professional yet flexible process from quoting through to building the unit. An impre

Helix - Gym with Storage - Beeston

External Dimensions: 3.54m by 5.6m
Internal Area: 12msq
Storage Area: 4.9msq

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I am happy to say that we are extremely pleased with the building - it’s everything we imagined an

Helix - Gym - Frome

External Dimensions: 7.29m by 3.79m
Internal Area: 24.6msq

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Helix - Gym - Windlesham

External Dimensions: 6.08m by 4.08m
Internal Area: 20.7 msq

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Helix - Reading room & summer house - Greenwich

External Dimensions: 3.68m by 1.98m
Internal Area: 6msq

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Helix - Gym - Henley on Thames

External Dimensions: 6.95 by 4.84m
Internal Area: 24.4msq

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Helix - Family Room with Storage - Walton-on-the-hill

External Dimensions: 6.58 by 7.28m
Internal Area: 33msq

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Helix - Office - Banstead

External Dimensions: 3.38m by 5.08m
Internal Area: 13msq

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Helix - Office - Woking

External Dimensions: 7.28m by 4.78m
Internal Area: 29.5msq
Height 3m

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Helix - Family Room with Storage - Twickenham

External Dimensions: 4.88m by 3.28m
Internal Area: 9.5msq
Storage area: 0.9msq

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Many thanks for your team's efforts. I'm very happy with the final product

Helix - Office with Storage - Petersfield

External Dimensions: 5.08m by 3.08m
Internal Area: 9.9msq
Storage area: 2.6msq

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Very pleased with the work and please pass on my thanks to Damon and the team. Please advise their M

Helix - Art studio with integral storage - Eastbourne

External Dimensions: 3.08 m by 7.28 m
Internal Area: 11.5 msq
Storage Area: 6.76 msq

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The build team were very organised and great communicators with what was happening with our annex bu

Helix - Living Space - West Sussex

External Dimensions: 7.28 m by 5.08 m
Internal Area: 32 msq

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Helix - Office with Storage - London

External Dimensions: 4.78 m by 4.78 m
Internal Area: 14 msq

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Helix - Gym - Bray on Thames

External Dimensions: 2.58 m by 3.28 m
Internal Area: 6.1 msq

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We are very pleased with the work, and these guys worked so hard and tirelessly! Thank you all for y

Helix - Multi-functional - London

External Dimensions: 5.8m by 3.8m
Internal Area: 15msq

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I am very pleased with my new garden studio and I can’t wait to start using it. You filled my brie

Helix - Art studio and chillout room - London

External Dimensions: 5.48m by 4.48m
Internal Area: 20.7msq

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I'd like to say how pleased we are with our studio - it looks fantastic! The boys worked really hard

Helix - Floristry Studio - London

External Dimensions: 5.6m by 3.59m
Internal Area: 15.7msq

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I think that your service is excellent, Donna looked after the project well throughout. Colum and hi

Helix - Multifunctional studio - Cirencester

External Dimensions: 7.4m by 3.7m
Gym Area: 9msq
Storage Area: 7msq
Workshop: 8msq

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