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Helix - Office with storage - New Malden

Client Name:



External Dimensions: 4.4 by 3m
Internal Area: 7.2msq
Storage Area: 3.4msq


Working from home is becoming common practise for many and therefore a garden offices are incredibly popular. If at a future date employment changes the room can be utilised as additional family space and of course if you move it simply enhances the saleability of your property as an immensely desirable asset. This client wished to build a garden office which included integrated storage accessible both internally and externally.

Our Solution

To create the space needed for this studio an existing shed was removed. This design is one of our standard helix models, constructed with the same quality materials and methods as every other and clad with durable kiln dried ‘thermowood’. It is incredibly good value for money. The design incorporated some bespoke features including a half height window on the side wall, allowing views across the garden and plenty of natural light, whilst retaining the wall space internally for a desk. For the lighting, different solutions were chosen: standard strip lighting in the storage area, with four internal and two external down-lighters in the office. The external door to the storage area was carefully clad to blend seamlessly with the front façade and the entire studio expertly installed very close to the boundary, tucked behind a large tree. Where ground conditions allow, we use concrete pile foundations so minimal disruption is caused to neighbouring tree root systems. Overall an attractive and functional studio, built with minimal impact on the existing garden.