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Helix Garden Office - Hanwell, London

Client Name:

Mr Oxley


Custom Helix Studio

Client Comments:

Overall, my experience of Garden Spaces has been positive. While the project encountered a few hitches, I found all involved with the company to be extremely eager to put things right. This went a long way to ensuring good will was maintained. Now that the project is finished, I am delighted with the overall design and quality of my new posh shed!


As with many garden office projects Mr Oxley was looking to gain additional space in order to be able to work from home. A designated space was needed to separate work and home life and while space was limited the office needed to be flexible and cost effective. Good natural light was needed and access to the site needed to be negotiated with neighbours.

Our Solution

To maximise the available space in the Garden the design featured no additional decking or over hanging sections. A need for the most cost effective solution meant the building was based on our standard Helix studio specification and featured no external lighting. We were careful to maximise the internal space within the compact office and were able to provide added natural light with the large square window that was installed by the clients new desk.