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Elegans Office and Family Room - Old Windsor, Berkshire

Client Name:

Mr Mann


Elegans Panoramic 5x3

Client Comments:

The studio has met my requirements - externally it is very eye-catching and internally a multi-functional practical space.
Both the onsite team, project manager made themselves available to discuss any concerns.


Our garden studios can be used for almost any purpose from offices to gyms, music rooms to guest accommodation, the flexibility they provide is boundless. In this case, the customer wanted an extra multi-purpose room in their garden to be used as a home office, games and family room. As most of our designs are bespoke we can tailor any building to suit needs and requirements and this was the case here.
The building would have to be secluded enough for use as an office, yet be large and bright enough for when used as a games and family room. Natural light is a very good medium in which to work and large windows were requested when the project was being designed.

Our Solution

To allow as much natural light into the studio as possible, this was built with a panoramic front fascia. This provided not allow a large area for light to enter but also allowed for views out overlooking the garden and surrounding area. The bifolding doors allow the whole front of the studio to open up providing easy entry and movement of desks, music equipment, furniture and other large items in and out of the studio. This also makes the studio perfect in summer for warm days, blending the interior and exterior of the building, bringing inside outside. Whilst the large windows allow for plenty of light, some seclusion was required for office purposes and to allow for this, integrated blinds were installed. These are built into the glazing and means they are free from dust, damage and malfunction, whilst providing a level of privacy and light control. Triple dimmer switches were also installed to allow for full control internally of light regardless of outdoor conditions. To make the most of the building, television sockets were installed high up the wall, meaning they were hidden when the unit was mounted onto the wall. The outside of the studio is finished in oiled cedar cladding, whilst the secretfix hardwood decking is enhanced by deck lighting laid out in a soldier course. A beautiful example of a truly multi-purpose room.