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Elegans Home Office - Great Wymondley, Hertfordshire

Client Name:

Mr Lowrie


Elegans 5 x 4

Client Comments:

"The staff and workmen very courteous and helpful.

The build team were wonderful. They appeared to work all day every day without a break.

Despite the difficult circumstances during the build they were respectful and very sensitive to our needs at that time.

Our studio is a stunning addition to our garden. The level of workmanship and finish was very high."


When living in a listed building it can often be difficult make any alterations to the building or anything within its grounds. Our client for this project wanted a garden office but wasn't sure on if this was possible or not due to the listed nature of their home. We would need to consider this when designing the building and would undertake the application process if necessary. Our client wanted a home office in their garden which would also have a cloakroom suite, internet access and heating.

Our Solution

At Garden Spaces we always help our clients as much as possible whether it be just providing information or undertaking planning applications, we are happy to do anything we can to make the process easier. In this scenario we took the planning application on for our client freeing them up to carry on with work and home life uninterrupted. Once we had gained listen building consent and the application had been granted, the build went ahead with no trouble at all. The building is of our Elegans range which includes powder coated aluminium framed windows and doors, Western Red Cedar cladding and an upgrade from French doors to sliding and bifolding doors. These allows one side of the building to be completely opened up on warm sunny days meaning enhanced ventilation and helps bring indoors outdoors. This office also has a cloakroom suite complete with toilet unit, sink, water heater and a macerator to help deal with waste water. Wireless broadband was also installed using the power cable, this allows us to minimize the amount of cable required and means labour can be kept to a minimum as only 1 trench needs to be dug. The studio has underfloor heating which means that no matter what the weather outside is doing, the studio will always be the perfect temperature inside.