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Elegans Art Studio - Oxford, Oxfordshire

Client Name:

Mrs Liberty


Custom Elegans Studio with intergral shower room and storage

Client Comments:

I'm absolutely thrilled with the studio - the whole team was so hardworking and dedicated. Thank you.


The customer for this design wanted a self-contained building with a shower room, toilet and seperate storage area which they could use as an art studio and outdoor living space.

Our Solution

Due to existing walls and the presence of many large and established trees, there were a few complications in running the pipework required for the shower and toilet. We created a route for the plumbing that meant no trees or roots were affected and all existing walls were left intact, whilst keeping the distance travelled to a minimum. The storage area was intergrated into the building and was accessable from a side door on the outside of the building. This was finished off with our oiled cladding keeping the door hidden from view and provided plenty of space for garden furniture, equipment or any other provisions. The shower and toilet were installed providing everything anyone using the building would need. The large windows allow plenty of light into the studio, creating perfect conditions for any artwork being carried out inside, and the exterior lights and oiled cladding create a very attractive looking building.