Garden Studios Showcase

There are many options when trying to find a place to complete work or finish a project, but some of them aren’t really suitable. Some use spare rooms, underused conservatories or even build an extension to meet their needs; the problem is that you’re never fully away from the distractions of the house or diversions of family life.

Using some of your home’s extra garden space to give yourself a dedicated studio is not only a great way of giving yourself this extra space, but can also be a much more cost effective way of doing so, in more ways than one.

Using a garden studio has many immediate benefits and a great number of potential purposes, not only as a space for home working, but also as a place to concentrate on creating or recording music, making art or even teaching students of art and music. It could serve as a place to run a small business, not simply an office, but a studio for complementary therapies, such as massage or aromatherapy.

Having a place away from the main body of the house to conduct massage or teach immediately makes a statement about professionalism – a dedicated space to carry out a business shows commitment and separates out enthusiastic hobbyists, increasing your students’ or patients’ trust. A contemporary garden studio can also be decorated to encourage peaceful relaxation or stimulate creative artistic or musical flow.

The great news is that your space will not only be great for your business, but will be designed specifically for the purpose you have in mind. Instead of taking a prescribed, pre-fabricated structure that has to be fettled into place, Garden Spaces will design a unique structure that fits perfectly with the space you have available and the purpose you have in mind. We offer a full end-to-end service, from the initial garden studio design, planning and local authority permissions right through to connecting any utilities; the aim is to make things as smooth as possible.

The savings you make in building a garden studio over a home extension are not only financial, but as the build can be tailored to your home life, you’ll find that savings in time and preventing disruption to your family life will be just as great.