Garden Offices Showcase

When it comes to making the best of your work-life balance, one of the greatest ways of reducing stress and increasing productivity is with a home garden office. UK businesses are taking advantage of the flexibility home working provides and their staff are reaping the benefits. Cutting out the morning commute of road works and traffic jams, or an overcrowded and delayed train journey not only increases the amount of time you have to be productive but also the chances you’ll be more productive and less stressed.

A garden office is one of the best ways to make use of the space that you have available. Converting a room from your home into an office isn’t ideal, as it not only involves losing a bedroom, dining room or conservatory, but as a working environment, it can be problematic. No matter how disciplined you may be, there are always distractions in your home, not in the least the everyday hubbub of family life.

Building an extension could be an option, but it’s invariably expensive, time consuming and disruptive to family life. It also doesn’t actually solve the problem of creating a separate, bespoke space away from general distractions. Making use of a garden office to maximise your usable space can be a far better option.

By engaging Garden Spaces, you’ll have an individual design that’s based on the amount of room you have in your garden, instead of having to force in a pre-fabricated structure that turns out to be unsuitable. From the initial design, through to the local authority regulations, the build time and then connection of the needed utilities, the full service we offer makes sure that what you receive is completely suitable for your needs.

We can build quickly, and because our construction time doesn’t rely on building onto the existing home, there’s no need for the levels of disruption and infringement on family life usually seen on property extensions. Some garden office buildings also don’t require planning permission, dependent on design and your local authority regulations.

By having your own dedicated garden office, you’ll gain a space to be productive that’ll spur you to work and not be side-tracked by home comforts or family distractions; a space that is unique and tailored to your working needs and one that can help differentiate between the two areas, meaning you maintain a healthy work-life balance and prevent the two merging into one.