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Work getting in the way of exercise for Brits


Work commitments are getting in the way of exercise for many Brits, reports.

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Work commitments are getting in the way of exercise for many Brits, reports. According to new research by Nuffield Health and the London School of Economics, around four in ten Brits blame work commitments for their lack of regular exercise or participation in sports. Finishing late, working irregular hours or simply being tired after a day's work all contribute to people putting off exercise. As a result, close to 70 per cent were found to be not getting the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week as set out by the government. Getting this level of exercise won't just reduce the chance of being obese (only seven per cent of those getting the minimum requirement of exercise fall into this category) but also reduce the chance of developing mental health issues by six per cent. The figures could see many Brits looking to amend their work life or exercise regime, with such solutions as garden offices or gyms providing a way for even busy people to fit everything into their days. Commenting on the findings, managing director of Nuffield Health, Andrew Jones, told "Health benefits for active people are priceless, but with increased pressures both in the workplace and at home, as well as the struggling economy, we, as employers, have a responsibility to help our workforce to be as resilient, fit and well as possible."


David Howells

11th April 2013