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Snow setting employers back £318m in terms of productivity


Snow setting employers back £318m in terms of productivity

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Research commissioned by roadside service Green Flag suggests employers may have lost out on £318 million's worth of productivity due to the adverse weather conditions over the past week. Reported by, Green Flag's statistics show that employers have missed out as over 8.5 million British adults have been unable to work their contracted hours due to the weather. Furthermore, while 19 per cent stayed clear of the roads completely, an additional five per cent tried to make the journey but were unable to because of ice on the roads. Over 3.8 million people missed at least a full day of work in the last week while 590,000 missed at least two days of work, adds For those with garden offices, for example, the weather may not have posed as much of a problem as first thought, as many garden structures can be made to be structurally capable of dealing with the elements. Miranda Schunke, spokesperson for Green Flag, stated: "It is not only the roads that have been frozen in the last week, for millions work commitments have been put on hold. "The extremely high demand for breakdown support highlights the risks faced by motorists who take to the roads in severe and icy conditions," she added.


Ashley Curtis

29th January 2013