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Shift in buying habits spotted in England


England has seen a shift in buying habits, according to an industry expert.

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England has seen a shift in buying habits, according to an industry expert. Instead of buying a new home, people are turning towards upgrading their properties. People don't the access to the property ladder they did ten years ago, according to Anna-Marie DeSouza, the editor of 'Build It' magazine. "People are paying more attention to their current abode and either upgrading to make it a lifetime home - [adding] living accommodation on the ground floor, renewable technologies to make energy affordable in the future, et cetera - or extending it to meet their family needs," DeSouza told People are improving and not moving in the property market; finding that selling their homes isn't necessarily the best move. DeSouza added on that adding extensions like basements and conservatories can be good ways to add extra value to the home. She also added that these two investments should provide a strong return when home-owners come to sell. Home-owners might also consider investing in a garden office or studio, to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city. These rooms can be used not only for work purposes, but also as living spaces and gyms. Making such an addition could increase the value of a property, not to mention give those living in it more space to play with.


Amyrose Dempsey

6th August 2012