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Right environment is crucial for remote working, says expert


Right environment is crucial for remote working, says expert

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It is vital that remote workers have the right environment in which to complete their tasks, it has been noted. Graham Peck, technical manager at computing and communications specialist Node4, explained to that ensuring desktop conditions are right will help guarantee that "productivity is maximised". He described the process as "desktop assessment", which means that a business should look at where their remote workers are undertaking tasks to see if it is adequate. For employees that have a separate room or garden office for their work, this should be simpler to optimise. Mr Peck suggested that high office rents are fuelling a move towards remote working, saying: "Businesses who have previously wanted to allow their staff to work more flexibly in order to boost productivity now have the tools to do so. And as more people resent paying over the odds for their business accommodation, they now have the incentive to pursue ways of helping staff to migrate to remote working." Further tips on creating a good home office were offered by a representative from John Lewis this week; head of marketing Charlotte Hill-Baldwin told that it is important for the area to "inspire" the person working there. She noted that effective preparation can ensure that a home office fits properly within a property and allows for productive - as well as happy - remote working.


Paul Smithson

13th February 2013