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Remote working key in preventing 'workations'


A new survey found that many workers are so stressed, they work even while on holiday.

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A new survey found that many workers are so stressed, they work even while on holiday. A survey commissioned by workspace provider Regus discovered that two-fifths of workers are unable to switch off, even while abroad - dubbed a 'workation'. The news has consequently prompted experts to encourage businesses to find ways in which to help employees be more effective during work hours. Almost 40 per cent of those polled said that they would work for up to three hours a day while on their family holiday, so as to manage their workload and not return to hundreds of emails. However, this constant stress is damaging and can create even more anxiety to individuals in the long run, hence the call to employers. Flexible working has been hailed one of the biggest steps towards greater efficiency and work-life balance. Steve Purdy of Regus told that while new technology made it easy for people to access emails away from the office, it would be more effective if employers allowed remote working to cut the time and stress associated with commuting. Those lucky enough to work from a garden office can enjoy a far more relaxed atmosphere, more time to carry out work duties and probably a far healthier work-life balance. Katherine Rake, chief executive of the Family and Parenting Institute, agreed with the sentiment - telling "Development in technology such as wifi and smartphones have placed the UK on the cusp of a flexible working revolution, allowing people to work at a time and location which best suits their personal and family needs. "Employers need to support staff to truly switch off while they are on leave."


Elizabeth Smythe

27th July 2012