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Popularity of garden offices explored


The garden shed has been hailed as an "ideal" place to start a business by writer Mark Williams.

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The garden shed has been hailed as an "ideal" place to start a business by writer Mark Williams. Whilst seen by some as the place to stow away barbecues, power tools and garden furniture, many others are seeing their sheds as bona-fide offices, in which they are getting their businesses off the ground, Williams claimed. In fact, businesses run from garden sheds are thought to contribute around £6.1 billion to the UK's GDP every single year. In light of this, Williams sought the knowledge and experience of journalist Alex Johnson to talk him through the trend. In being the author of 'Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution', Johnson was among the best people to shed light on this so-called revolution. Research conducted by Johnson found that 80,000 workers around the UK now see their shed or garden office as their place of work, with the average turnover reaching £76,449. Of those working this way, the largest share are sole-traders, whilst a third have between two and five employees, reports. Johnson added that, contrary to popular belief, this method of working isn't just limited to creative types, as the demographic has widened greatly over recent years. "The most intriguing shed business-owner I've come across is someone who teaches pole-dancing," Johnson said. When considering the popularity of this option, Johnson and Williams were in agreement that it provides a clear demarcation between the home and office. Unlike working from a study within the house - or worse, the living room - this difference establishes a separation in the worker's mind, meaning they can leave work behind at the end of the day. "Also... building a garden office can add value to your property and it's far cheaper than buying a house with extra room," Johnson noted.


David Howells

25th April 2013