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Over half of Brits working from home this summer


Around 57 per cent of Brits will be working remotely this summer, reports.

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Around 57 per cent of Brits will be working remotely this summer, reports. New research from Telligent has found that over half of British employees are gearing up for a summer of remote working. The study of 1,000 UK-based employees also found that 62 per cent report regularly work with team members remotely or in different locations. When quizzed on their reasons for working from home, many said it was advances in technology that allowed them unprecedented freedom. Superfast broadband and internet-enabled mobile devices have allowed Brits a 24-7, work-anywhere culture. Some also noted that the use of social media allows employees to remain in collaboration with their workmates - regardless of whether they're in work or in their garden office. Some, however, claimed it is the summer of sport that may prompt them to work from home, with 52 per cent citing the Olympics as a driving factor in their decision. Steve Poncini, the general manager of internet business with Telligent, spoke to about the results. He explained: "As the modern workplace evolves to become a more virtual space, it's unsurprising that the ways in which people communicate and collaborate with their work colleagues is evolving. "However, the key here is for employers to take note and meet employee needs to ensure they are able to stay productive. The summer of sport is going to put UK employers to the ultimate test, with London seeing its most intense traffic challenge in recent decades - employers need to put the right tools in place to keep London working."


David Howells

25th June 2012