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Motivation tips offered to home workers


Motivation tips offered to home workers

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Advice has been offered to the 60 per cent of employees who say they have trouble staying motivated when they work from home, reports. A recent study published by Regus found that three fifths of employees regularly struggle to keep their motivation levels up when working at home, with input from family members being among the biggest distractions. Another (18 per cent) came from a lack of designated space for working, which could be remedied with a garden office. In light of the results, vice president of RegusCanada, Wes Lenciis, offered a number of solutions for employees to utilise in order to ensure they remain focused on the job in hand. One of Lenciis's suggestions was to create an office space that removes any chance for distraction. Working away from the bed, TV or sofa is likely to foster a working attitude and allow employees to get more done. Conversely, it was also advised to keep at least some connection with the outside world, as too much isolation could foster a sense of "cabin fever", Lenciis claimed. Where the family is concerned, Lenciis advocated the use of parameters so everyone is aware when it's time for work and when it isn't. "Set rules with family and friends and let them know when you are and are not available," Lenciis told "Explain your responsibilities to your family and friends and make sure they take what you do seriously. While you might not be going into an office, you are still expected to meet your daily obligations."


David Howells

4th February 2013